Mirage V2: 10 Abstract 3D Shapes


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Designed By RuleByArt

Posted on Feb 04, 2019

10 spacey abstract 3D textures, plus Photoshop brushes.

This collaboration from Chroma Supply and RuleByArt mixes abstract paintings with 3D pieces, resulting in stunning textures that are a perfect way to bring a modern, abstract feel to your next project.

These stunning 3D shapes on transparent backgrounds are a perfect way to bring a modern, spacey feel to your next project.

  • Using Photoshop, you can easily customize the look and feel by using adjustment layers like hue/saturation, color balance or invert.
  • Since these resources are high resolution, they’ll work great in print or web graphics. Use the full pieces or crop in close on the gorgeous macro details.
  • Since each piece is on a transparent background, you can easily layer them with text and other artwork and objects.
  • Each piece was created using space texture photos from NASA.


The Photoshop brushes offer more flexibility to create your own texture backgrounds using custom colors, gradients, etc.


  • 10 PNG files with transparent backgrounds
  • 6000x6000 px
  • 300dpi in RGB colorspace
  • BONUS Photoshop brush set (.abr)